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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 9, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> active rainfall totals the past 24 hours on top of what we already had, about 2 inches on
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some spots in the north bay and into the higher elevations there were a few locations that had 4 inches just in the past 24 hours and that's on top of what we had for the past five days and these amounts had been really high, especially napa close to 9 inches and a couple spots in the north bay up and over a foot of rain, but notice a sharp dropoff in the amounts into the south bay, so not as much here. i'll let you know if we have more rain on the way this week coming up. these storms have put a damp other travel plans. all day long the weather has been blamed for a backup on the tarmac at san francisco international airport. we continue our team coverage live at sfo with the latest updates on those canceled or delayed flights. >> reporter: right now an airport folks person says about 120 arriving and departing flights have been canceled. rain and wind are obviously to blame leaving passengers stuck trying to figure out how to
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pass the time. >> it was her birthday, so we decided rain or shine we have to travel no matter what. we had to make it. >> reporter: it ended up raining. >> yes. >> reporter: so like seemingly everyone else, left stranded, bored and frustrated. what do you do to pass the time? >> go to tumblr. >> reporter: these ladies aren't alone. if travelers weren't busy walking from 1 end of the terminal to another rolling luggage, they were propped up in a chair, on the steps or near a wall talking on the phone, texting or on the computer. did you have an idea it might get delayed because of weather? >> yeah. >> did we? >> yeah because it's been raining. >> well, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: for the most part the flight board was not kind with many flights delayed running behind on average between 60 and 90 minutes. >> it's only 45 minutes.
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it's not really that bad. >> reporter: were you kind of expecting it with the rain? >> absolutely, especially if you're in san francisco. san francisco always like this. >> reporter: so it's not your first rodeo. >> yeah. >> an hour and 45 minutes. >> reporter: where you heading? >> los angeles. it's been delayed about two hours, too. >> reporter: what a terrible day to travel. >> we came in about 2:00. >> reporter: what was it like? >> three hours delay, four hours. >> reporter: still having spent a few days in san francisco lightened the mood. i love how you guys are both still smiling. you're taking it in stride. >> we had a good weekend. it's our vacation. >> reporter: i think they'll be fine. the manager tells me things could be worse. today there have been about 20,000 less passengers flying in and out of the airport compared to what would be considered a busy day. live at san francisco international airport tonight.
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pge has reported power outages from around the bay from early this morning, 186 people in san francisco and 141 in the south bay and 291 in the east bay without power. the new eastern span of the bay bridge is facing its first test of extreme wet weather. as we'll hear, water is finding its way inside the hollow part of the bridge after the last four days of heavy rain. >> reporter: all this rain now the bay bridge has a few leaks. water is slowly collecting inside the decks. >> it's a small amount of water that collected, but it's not causing any issues with the bridge. it doesn't pose any problems. >> reporter: inspectors and engineers are going through the bridge highlighting every spot where water is seeping through the barrier rail tracing it back to the road deck level figuring out the best way to ep occurrence. the inside of the bridge is primed with a protective
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coating to prevent corrosion and there are weep holes where if enough water does collect, it will go down those weep holes and drop into the bay. >> reporter: but it hasn't reached that point. >> there isn't even enough water to require pumps. basically they would mop it out, carry it out most likely in buckets and clean up the area where the water collected and then put down another coat of primer to be on the safe side. >> reporter: bridge officials tell us this is the shake out period where little issues may come up as the new eastern span is in service, but even after fixing this problem there will have to be continuous maintenance throughout the 150 year lifespan of the bridge. alicia san jose -- alicia reid, kron 4 news. police right now are definitively linking two crimes
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together. around 3 a.m. sunday morning a man in his front yard in the 3300 block of holly drive was approached by a suspect with a shotgun demanding his car keys. you can see a bit of the white stolen vehicle here sandwiched between squad cars, one side window shot out. police have been swarming the area since the suspect was spotted turning into this small cul-de-sac about 10 minutes after the carjacking. officers followed him in and -- >> attempted to stop the vehicle, take the suspect into custody when an officer feared for his safety and fired his duty weapon at the suspect. the suspect was struck at least one time. he was transported to a local area hospital. we did confirm that there was a shotgun in the subject's possession inside the car. >> reporter: police wouldn't clarify exactly what the suspect did that led the officer to shoot, but people who live in the area say there was a lot more than one shot fired. >> i heard a bunch of gunshots going off, tons of gunshots.
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of course, i high tailed it back into the house and kept hearing sirens for quite some time after that. >> reporter: just blocks from the two other locations i saw officers canvassing for witnesses looking for information to yet a third incident, a home invasion where occupants on waterman court were beat up. in addition to looking for witnesses, one officer tells me they're looking for a pair of pants because apparently the suspect wasn't wearing any. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> the suspect's injuries are not believed to be life threatening. charges are pending against him. coming up an all american football player comes out. we'll tell you which athlete is going public with his personal life. >> and a cold case murder could be finally solved because of a 25-year-old quilt. >> kron4 programming is sponsored by mercury insurance.
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san mateo police are warning of a recent phone scam where callers pretend to be from pg&e. there have been reports of fraud where callers claim to be from the electric company and inform victims of delinquent balances. the caller threatens to shut off the victim's electricity unless they provide the serial number of a prepaid money card. police say the callers seem to target people who don't speak english and also threaten arrest or deportation. investigators in santa clara want you to take a close look at this quilt. it's never been seen before. kron4's justine waldman tells us it's linked to a san jose murder case cold for 25 years. >> reporter: gone but not forgotten. in 1989 police found the body of 38-year-old kathy zimmer in the back seat of her car parked at san jose's airport. the san jose state university
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student had been strangled to death and was missing for two days before the gruesome discovery. >> this quilt was found on top of kathy's body as she lay dead in her car at the airport. >> reporter: now for the first time the santa clara district attorney's office is revealing this key piece of evidence in their murder case. the handmade quilt is very distinctive, not one that could be bought at a store. it has a yellow border and is filled with bright colored cotton patches. >> somebody might recognize it and if someone does, that could lead us to our killer. >> reporter: the quilt does not look familiar to kathy's children. her daughter debbie lawrence was 14 when her mom was murdered. >> time heals, but it doesn't make the pain go a we and it doesn't make it -- away and it doesn't make it lessen. it's something you live with every single day. >> reporter: for 25 years this quilt stayed tucked away in an evidence box. it's out now to hopefully solve
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this cold case. >> we've been harboring this case and injustice for 25 years and if there's somebody somewhere that has any information to possibly lead to where this came from, how this came out, then that would just help us with that closure. >> reporter: the individual patches on the quilt are also very unique. the daughter told me she hopes someone might recognize part of the quilt and help bring this family justice. i'm justine waldman, kron 4 news. boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev will be in court wednesday, the first time attorney general eric holder okayed prosecutors to seek the death penalty. tsarnaev pleaded not guilty to all charges, the bomb being at the boston marathon last year killing three people and injuring more than 250 others. chp arrested a woman on suspicion of drunk driving after a wrong-way crash left six people in southern
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california dead. it happened after 4:30 this morning on a freeway in diamond bar. multiple cars were involved in the crash. four people died on the scene. two others died at the hospital. officials say they're seeking blood tests from the driver who is hospitalized in serious condition tonight. a head-on highway accident killed five people in tampa, florida sunday. a wrong-way driver hit another car at 2 a.m. the suv going in the opposite direction burst into flames. four young men in thathit were killed. they were in their 20s and members of a fraternity at university of southern florida. it's not known if alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash. lots of rain, you don't need me to tell you that. we've soon it all weekend long and the past four days wet weather. it's finally beginning to wrap up tonight, a little bit of mist in san francisco now, still enough for the umbrella, but you won't need it much longer because things are quieting down tonight.
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here's storm tracker 4. notice the green we had earlier is pretty much out of here, just a few leftover showers now. that's what we'll see the remainder of this evening into the overnight hours. a closer look at san francisco, stinson beach shows a little beach, also into half moon bay light showers here, but i think for the rest of tonight we will see mainly rain-free conditions. tomorrow we'll see a little sunshine, also. here's a live view. san mateo bridge and still a little wet tonight, but the rain is wrapping up after what has been a very rainy five days, especially into the north bay. that's really where the target has been with this pine apple express coming up from hawaii. municipality st. helena -- mount st. helena almost a foot of rain since tuesday night, berkeley hills also up and over 9 inches and this is just what
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we needed to help out with the drought conditions, but the drought still continues despite all the rain for this weekend because we have such incredible deficits. for tonight at midnight still leftover showers, tomorrow morning a lot of low cloudiness to start the day and areas of heavy fog. look for skies to become mostly sunny by afternoon with temperatures going to the upper 50s and low 60s. here's the satellite view. all the heavy rain from today is off to the east in the sierra where there's really heavy rain there and snow above 7,000 feet or down around monterey bay. we are on the backside of this system but still the unstable air behind it could produce a few more showers. there's a lot of clear skies in the pacific. futurecast 9 p.m. tonight, still green on the screen showing showers continuing but notice these begin to diminish into the overnight hours and a couple spotty showers a possibility at 6 a.m., but then the skies will begin to clear as we go through the day. by noon look for lesser clouds
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and mostly sunny conditions into the afternoon. the storm track retreats to the north. the pine apple express is headed up into extreme northern california and southern oregon, so we'll miss out on the next few storms. tuesday look for shine and clouds and the next system arriving wednesday, but any chance of rain will be well to the north and it will be light. another system just like that is coming friday, but all the heavy rain with these systems will be well to our north, perhaps more rain by next weekend. missouri all american football player michael sam says he's guy. the mizzou athlete has been expected to be a mid-round nfl draft pick. the player opened up in an interview with espn and the new york times. he wanted the public to know that he is an openly proud gay man. he understands what a big deal it is and still wants to play
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>> what kind of work do you do? >> as long as you don't tell him, i work for a medical marijuana delivering weed on a motorcycle, yeah. >> all right. >> reporter: well, i kept my promise. i never told the officer. >> you cannot use your cell phone while you're driving in the car, okay? know what i'm saying? changing lanes and he still doesn't see me and waves to say hi. >> reporter: there's a reason why it's called distracted driving. >> make a right and then make another right into the parking lot. >> reporter: the driver claimed he was from washington state looking for a hardware store. >> do you have your driver's license, registration, insurance? >> reporter: you got eyes in your ears? >> sometimes you panic.
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>> i'm actually watching her still texting, still going, still going, get in the far right lane. >> reporter: this car had a bumper sticker that read too dumb for new york city and too ugly for l.a. when she stopped, she had an interesting reason for why she was on the phone? >> i was actually blocking a call. >> reporter: stalkers? >> no. my mother actually. >> reporter: you block your mom? >> today you're going to get a verbal warning because i have a feeling the lashing you're going to get from your mother is going to be enough, okay? >> reporter: in 2012 on average the chp issued 400 plus cell phone tickets her hour and a crackdown is in the works -- per hour and a crackdown is in the works. >> i didn't think i behaved badly. >> reporter: out with the oakland officer of the california highway patrol, stanley roberts. kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or a
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story idea for stanley, e-mail us. coming up a severe weather warning issued for lake tahoe, how this weekend storm makes for dangerous ski conditions. >> plus we look at the extensive storm damage in the north bay. >> fortunately the worse is over, heavy rain wrapping up tonight but still a lot of scattered showers left around. i'll talk about how much longer those will last coming up. celebrating black history month here is the word of the day, haley. go to and click on rewards. register or log in and register the word haley. you'll start earning points and a chance to win cool prizes.
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this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news continues now.
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>> tonight at 8:30 the stormy weekend, well, tapering off a bit. it's leaving parts of the bay area pretty soaked and others quite dry. since friday san francisco has gotten just under 2 1/2 inches of rain in the east bay, oregon or -- orinda, about 4 inches there and the north bay slammed the hardest since friday. that area has gotten about 11 inches of rain. the series of storms causing problems on san francisco city streets as well. the city department of public works has been clearing out drains to prevent flooding here. this is a video of one crew sweeping leaves and debris from a few gutters at 26th street and san jose avenue. a department spokesperson says the city has not experienced as much flooding as in the past. crews will continue working 24 hours around the clock until the weather clears up. in other parts of the bay area heavy rain causing more
8:31 pm
damage. clean-up crimes are still working on clearing a downed -- crews are still working on clearing a downed tree that closed a road yesterday and another tree was knocked down in the north bay. a flash flood watch was in effect most of the day. earlier today flooding blocked state routes 116 and 121, popular routes to napa. pg&e reported power outages around the bay area since early this morning. as we continue to track this storm, we're learning about new warnings of severe avalanche dangers up in lake tahoe. the ski resorts there received an average of 3 feet of new snow since friday prompting those warnings. of course, this winter weather getting dangerous. meteorologist brian van aken with his eye on the sky. >> they're weakening in the bay area, but in the sierra they're really going with the heavy rain. the snow levels with this system are pretty high up around 7,000 feet which is up
8:32 pm
at pass 11. there is snow once you get up high enough, not very much, really lots of heavy rain in a lot of places in the sierra picking up a foot of rain, similar to the north bay. this is much needed. as we take a closer look you'll see the green is rain and the blue is snow, so a lot of green. you have to get to the crest of the sierra before you begin to see the snow, echo summit. there is some tricky travel over the highest elevations and a winter weather advisory is in effect for the sierra until 4 a.m. that's above 7,000 feet. this is a shot from heavenly a little while ago, a lot of snow there on the slopes. it looks like there could be more to come this week. in the meantime snow for tonight into tomorrow morning, snow levels dropping a bit but still high at 6,500 feet. there could be 4 to 8 inches of additional snow tonight before things wrap up as we go into
8:33 pm
tomorrow morning. there still are a few rain and snow showers in the forecast tomorrow but pretty light. snow level 6,500 feet, mostly cloudy for tuesday and then another system wednesday, but snow levels going back up again. so it looks like it will be rain for the sierra with this next system and light rain at that. live view back in the bay area, the bay bridge toll plaza and the roads are wet even though the rain has subsided, still a chance for showers in the forecast tonight until the morning commute. there might be a few lingering showers at 6:00 to 7:00, but otherwise mostly cloudy skies to start, could be areas of heavy fog. the skies begin to clear going through the day, so a mixture of sunshine and clouds at noon and mostly sunny for the afternoon. the rain will be a thing of the past for a little while with temperatures into the upper 50s and low 60s, the next rain chance coming up. neighbors in one bay area city are upset after new video shows pitbulls out and about
8:34 pm
without their owners. the unleashed dogs are within feet of the location where a boy was mauled last august. kron4's j.r. stone has more on this story from antioch. >> reporter: this is cell phone video showing two pitbull dogs who escaped from this backyard and began walking in their neighbor's yard, might not sound terrible, but there's a catch. the boy who used to live in this house was mauled by at least 1 pitbull inside his friend's house that you see here. he's been through multiple surgeries since that time. >> so disturbing because it's one thing to get two new dogs after the other two you had were put down, but to be so irresponsible to let them just run wild like that, you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: hunter's mom has moved her family out of the neighborhood but was appalled when she saw this video of the new pitbulls. >> they're obviously not taking the proper precautions to contain their dogs that they should. >> reporter: the woman who
8:35 pm
took this video has a pitbull herself but says she keeps it on a leash or locked up at all times. she doesn't know these dogs and says she doesn't trust them after what happened to hunter last year. >> my heart honestly dropped and it made me sick to my stomach and it also made me realize that i'm so glad we don't live there anymore because to live next to someone who is that cold hearted, i couldn't deal with that. >> antioch does have leash laws in place but weren't aware the dogs were roaming the streets. it's unclear if the family with those dogs could face fines. this is terrible. you might as well put a baby kitten in a bubble. >> we show you the disturbing find one tourist made at a gift shop. >> next parents outraged after zookeepers feed a healthy baby giraffe to lions, the gruesome scene kids witnessed coming up next.
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we want to warn you about the graphic photos we're about to show you. the copenhagen zoo killed a healthy giraffe today and fed it to their lions. an online petition begged the zoo to save the little animal. you can see the 2-year-old giraffe being fed to the lions. this happened in front of an audience including children. the directors said the animal had to be killed to avoid inbreeding. we have a confrontation that got a player suspended. >> with all the data breaches we've been through lately, financial institutions and retail chains are finally getting on board with the smart credit card. that's credit cards and debit cards with a computer chip built inside them for extra protection. this is a great thing for america. there's like 80 countries and most of europe already using these with great success. stay tuned to kron4 coming up. i'll tell you how these smart
8:39 pm
cards work and when you can expect them to be hitting your wallet. >> live storm tracker 4 showing some raindrops hitting the pavement here in mill valley. i'll show you where else it's raining coming up. welcome to the farm of jack. there's a curly fry tree. and a chopper out back. there's a barn full of buns. and a thing you gotta try. a critter that makes burgers with bacon inside. boooorrrk- it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. jack's new bacon insider has a juicy beef patty with bacon mixed right into it, plus bacon strips and bacon mayo on a new gourmet brioche bun. boooorrrk - it's beef and pork! get bacon in your burger. moooiiink.
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take a look at this dramatic video. marcus smart, a player for oklahoma state, shoves a man in the final moment of last night's game. there he goes. oklahoma state is suspending him for three games this season. in a press conference after the game smart apologized to the texas tech fan. >> i let my emotion get the best of me. just can't let that happen again. it's something i have to learn from, a lesson. >> he'll be missing games against texas, oklahoma and baylor. the u.s.' number of olympic medals continues to mount. >> and we have showers falling tonight on the peninsula. this is skyline boulevard to the west of woodside, showers here and showers will continue
8:42 pm
for tonight. i'll talk about how long coming up.
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8:44 pm
now time for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate. >> target wants to prevent future data wretches by implementing new technology into their store -- breaches by implementing new technology into their store credit cards to protect their customers, cards with a built in computer chip. almost the entire banking and security industry agrees that all our debit and credit cards should use this technology to keep us safe. the technology exists now. most of europe uses these types of cards. we don't have them in the u.s. because the emv cards and card readers are expensive to produce, but there have been so many data breaches lately that could have been prevented the financial institutions here can't wait for this any longer. these emv cards will be in your wallet in the next few years. here's a look at what they are
8:45 pm
and how they work. these smart cards are also called emv cards which stands for euro pay mastercard and visa, the companies that developed this payment standard. you don't swipe the emv card with the built in computer chip. you insert it into an emv card reader. then the shopper must enter a secret four digit code verified by that built in computer chip. if the shopper uses the correct code, the purchase goes through. if the wrong code is punched in three times, the card locks up and is unuseable. it's a summer system which would significantly help cut down -- simple system which would significantly help cut down on fraud. 70% of the atms in the world use evm readers. the u.s. is way behind on adding this security measure to our cards, but with all the fraud lately retail chains and banks are bringing this technology to the u.s. in the next couple years. now let's talk the downside of smart cards. it will make people have to remember yet another four digits code for their day to
8:46 pm
day activities and emv card readers are expensive. so it could hurt small businesses that don't have the money to upgrade to the new system. it's likely a lot of mom and pop shops will be forced to go back to the old days of cash or check only. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> if you'd like to connect with gabe slate, add him on facebook, follow him on twitter or e-mail him. today the u.s. grabbed a gold and bronze at the sochi olympics. right now they're in fourth place while norway is in the lead with seven gold medals. snowboarder jamie anderson won the gold medal in women's slope style. she's celebrating with her teammates here over the big win. the u.s. figure skating team earned the bronze medal today while russia got the gold. the stand-out skaters on the u.s. team were merle davis and charlie white winning both the short and free dance competitions. gracie gold took the silver for her free skate.
8:47 pm
>> seems like it would have been more appropriate if she had won the gold, though, i would say. look, here's video from earlier today in mill valley, lots of rain in the hills above mill valley creating flooding problems for today. see some businesses inundated there, some reports on mount tam of rainfall amounts well over a foot from the past four days. it's all wrapping up for tonight. the worst is over and we're going back into a dry weather pattern this week. there's a lot of storminess out there just north of the bay area. we'll miss it just by a few hundred miles. here's storm tracker 4 live and there are a few showers left out there for this evening, but they are light and most of them are occurring on the coast. here we are, half moon bay getting a little light rain, also some showers into the marin headlands, marin county. there's mill valley there with light showers taking place, that moving toward san rafael.
8:48 pm
also into the santa cruz mountains some showers beginning to pick up and the south bay seeing dry conditions. that's been the theme with this storm all the way through last week, rainfall totals here the past five days only about 3/4- inch for the south bay. so the drought conditions definitely persist here. actually the drought continues everywhere balls the deaf tats are just so huge -- because the deficits are just so huge. the highest amounts in the north bay an inch, even 2 inches in some spots and the hills in the north bay 4 inches in a couple location adding onto the five-day totals which have been close to 9 inches for napa, about 3 inches san francisco, but look at the amounts really drop off into the south bay. the rain hardly made it here at all, just about 3/4 into san jose and fremont and all the rain is headed back north. here's a live view of the richmond bridge toll plaza, still pretty wet with light showers and miss falling for
8:49 pm
tonight. we'll see those showers end after midnight tonight. there could be a couple shower left into the morning commute, then afternoon sunshine and the storm track going northbound the rest of the week. so all of the rain eureka and points to the north. tonight there's our main weather front now off to the east and south. clear skies behind. as we go through tonight look for showers to decrease getting closer to midnight and into the morning hours by 6 a.m. there could be a spotty shower, but otherwise skies clearing out for tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny with highs into the low 60s. that's going to feel a little different after about four days of wet weather. here's the seven-day around the bay. tuesday mixed clouds and sunshine. there's a system coming in wednesday. there's just an outside chance for a few light showers in the north bay, but that's it. sun and clouds thursday, another system friday. once again the rain remains north of the golden gate. there could be light rain
8:50 pm
saturday night into sunday. it was a great day to actually catch a movie. this week at the movies there were a few winners. ride along dropped to the third spot after three weeks at the top. the world war ii caper monuments men came in second earning 22 million in its opening weekend, but the lego movie really connected with viewers earning almost $70 million a sequel is already in development. miley cyrus would probably make a pretty exciting prom date, right? a teen in arizona got on youtube to ask her out. the video went viral, got miley's attention and she responded on twitter. the singer declined but did ask matt to her next show in arizona. matt was quick to reply saying this was the best day of his life. a gift shop in hawaii removed a controversial item off its shelves friday. this came after an
8:51 pm
environmental group rallied people on the internet. we have the story. >> i sell all these sharks -- i saw all these sharks and baby sharks in a bottle and i thought oh, my god, that's terrible. how can they do that? >> reporter: this woman from australia went into this waikiki gift shop on saturday and was shocked to see bottled dead baby sharks for sale. she snapped photos of the sharks and bought one for 24.95 plus tax. >> this is terrible. you might as well put a baby kitten in a bottle. it's horrible. >> reporter: she sent the photos to her friend. founder of the ocean defender foundation who posted in article on the group's website wednesday under the headline disturbing, baby sharks in a bottle sold in waikiki. kalama asked people to use facebook and yelp to complain about the store and they did.
8:52 pm
within a few hours the store's website was taken down and it displayed this message. we apologize for the controversy and our management has resolved to not only stop selling the product, but to also be more aware of the products we sell. ken lee, manager of the store, said he pulled the sharks from the shelves wednesday. >> it doesn't look right for us either. so we'll take it off. don't have to have the customer complain. we'll take it away. >> reporter: lee claims the vendor delivered the dead sharks to his store without his knowledge monday, but thomas says otherwise. >> that is rubbish, i'm sorry. i bought this on saturday. >> reporter: lee claims the store had only about 10 bottles of the sharks and sold very few of them. >> the incident was reported to the hawaii state department of land and natural resources. they launched an investigation into the sale of the dead baby sharks. a spokesperson says they don't have enough information to determine if the sale of the sharks is illegal or not. next we're taking a walk on
8:53 pm
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daredevil nik wallenda crossed the georgia dome on a tightrope yesterday. the stadium packed and everyone was ready for the spectacle and one fan was praying for a safe finish. >> reporter: praying for a safe finish. >> i'm like oh, my gosh, you're going to die, you're going to die and he finally made it out and i was just like yea!
8:56 pm
>> his walk was part of the winter jam. it's a christian concert series. wallenda is famous for his dramatic stunts from walking 180 feet above a sarasota, florida highway to crossing niagra falls or even walking over the grand canyon. boy, is that guy brave. all right. this is the question really of the day. drought or no drought? >> the drought continues. we went through all of 2013 with the dryest year on record. so even though we had a lot of rain this weekend it doesn't make up for the incredible deficit we've had in the past 12 months which have been on the order of 10 to 20 inches. it does help. it's not for naught. so we'll see a little more rain this evening, some showers still left around into the santa cruz mountains and the rest of the bay area, but things wrapping up by tomorrow morning. we'll see the sunshine tomorrow and dry weather returns. we could use more rain, but we'll just get a little bit in the north bay this week. >> that's it for kron 4 news at 8:00. stay connected with kron4 and
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>> new details in the phillip seymour hoffman death investigation, inside the new york drug raid, and its connection to his apparent heroin over dose. >> it's been brutal. i can't imagine what his family is going through. >> a big raid here in new york overnight. >> hard to imagine the world without him in it. >> the so called drug den. his last day alive. >> i'm retracing his final steps where surveillance video may have caught him buying the drugs that killed him. >> plus the tears inside phillip seymour hoffman's funeral, his girlfriend and three young children, their final farewell. then, how close


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